Sunday, 1 February 2015

happy birthday

Because every moment I thought the next would be different 
From the very first second to the last tick to 12 on the first of February 
Nothing happened 
Calm and peaceful
Was not given the chance to blow a candle today 
Therefore now I grant myself one single birthday wish, happy birthday to me.

Thursday, 6 November 2014


feeding hope occasionally
never will I see the end
taking away things that keep me alive 
but not to the point where i could close my eyes
tired painful aching and filled with hope
morning dusk night and the sun shines 
sleeping beside me, killing me softly

Monday, 20 October 2014

falling in love sensibly

is it wrong to love so sensibly?
i know exactly what is happening and what to do
every step every moment
but instead i make myself lost
to do the exact opposite of what my mind tells me
i followed my heart and it never felt right
and days go by, my heart is dying
it is clear my mind is taking over
perhaps, I've secretly wish my heart dies

Thursday, 14 August 2014

expectations is the cause of disappointments

long ago i realise "to be loved" never belongs to me
until you came along and put hopes high up 
something i never expected
i changed, into one that me myself am not familiarise with
then i forgot who i am, where i belong, what life i live
people get lost in dreams, in thoughts 
wander around living the happiness of it
but someday eventually have to wake up from all that
and now its about time for me to face the reality
to know where i stand and stop living the fairytale dream
what is love? what is happiness?
they say you'll know what it is when someone comes along and give meanings of them
yet, never rely on others
live your own life 
i might never know the meanings behind
but who cares, some things in life are meant to be left unknown x

Thursday, 24 April 2014


The sun rise, life goes on, who will remember yesterday.

A box of milk chocolate nicely arranged, yet amongst all there is this one piece of dark chocolate.
A whole is always better than having one missing piece.
It looks almost perfect and you can't tell easily where the fault is.
But eventually you'll pick up that one exceptional piece, taste it and rediscover the bitterness.
This crucial moment, if you fake a smile, it will always be a good memory, you lied to the world you lied to yourself, but you will forever be the only one to know the bitterness behind the sweets.
Sorry though, i hate dark chocolate, its not tolerated.